Northwest Steel Erection

Over the years, NSE has evolved into a more well-rounded steel erection company that we have come to rely on.


For contractors and engineers, like you, who build premier construction projects in Iowa and the Midwest, we provide steel building erection, precast erection and steel rigging. Unlike other erection companies in the region, Northwest Steel is built on a sturdy foundation of trusting relationships and knowledge of the industry.

We are committed to providing you expertise in crane operation and constructing projects with the highest regards for safety. 

Steel Erection

It's the core of your office and the core of our services. We have the expertise, equipment, and experience to effectively and safely execute a variety of complex steel projects.

Precast Erection

Our knowledgeable staff works daily on large precast projects. We have the experience neccessary to build even the most complex and difficult structures.


We provide and operate our own cranes, booms and lifts to develop innovative solutions to the most demanding rigging projects in the region.